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We all know MMORPG's writer Phil James.Now,he admits to being something of a lone wolf in his game life. So what's he doing writing about Community Spirit? Well, that's the thing: Phil is trying to break out of his solo mode and LFG. See how successful Phil has been in finding a community in World of Warcraft in the MMORPG equivalent of speed dating in Part II. Let us know what you think in the comments.
Getting to know a community in a short space of time can be a bit of a fool's errand. Now apply that to World of Warcraft with its long list of servers, too many guilds to name, and far too many groups to count. The breadth and depth of socialisation that goes on is staggering; what I think of as 'community' is every players interaction with others. So in writing about the social side of a game like WoW, how do you sum it up? How could one guy speak for all the millions of others? In discussing communities the phrase "your experiences may vary" is very true. So all I can do is share my stories with you and if you can relate, great and if not, that's great too, all our experiences are equally valid.
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15.06.2011 09:18

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